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Where Leadership, Dedication, and Experience Meet

Get to know the people responsible for the continued growth and success of OSOS SECURITY SERVICES.

The People Behind Our Success

OSOS SECURITY SERVICES is dedicated to providing clients with nothing less than exceptional services. However, we would not be able to do so without the guidance of passionate and dedicated individuals leading our team. Learn more about our leadership and contact us in California for inquiries.

Julianne E. Ososke

Founder, Owner, and President

Julianne has remarkable leadership skills and extensive experience gained from 25 years in business management. Her expertise has played an important role in the steady growth of OSOS SECURITY SERVICES and its rise as a respected organization.

Julianne is an NRA-certified firearms instructor, private patrol operator, and private investigator. She is also a DOJ-certified firearms safety instructor and BSIS-licensed firearms instructor. She is a graduate from the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law, and she also holds master’s degrees in legal studies and business administration from the University of Phoenix.

Jeffrey A. Ososke

Vice President

Jeffrey is well-versed in the security sector and holds numerous licenses and credentials in California and 31 other states. He is BSIS-licensed as a firearms instructor, private patrol operator, private investigator, and registered process server. He has also trained in de-escalation techniques, use of deadly force, weapons of mass destruction, and terrorism awareness. His 30 years of experience has been the bedrock upon which OSOS SECURITY SERVICES has built its foundation for providing quality services.

Jacob M. Ososke

Business Information Systems Manager

Jacob brings a wealth of technology and information management skills to the organization. He is well-versed in the importance of data flow, data integrity, and business process efficiency, and he also understands the potential role that technology plays in improving the way we work.

Equipped with an in-depth understanding of the platforms we use to operate, Jacob uses technology to efficiently and effectively communicate with current and potential clients. He is also a DOJ-certified firearms safety instructor.

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